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My name is Mik and I'm the creator and developer of a new game – Undecima ( Undecima is a new online browser multiplayer strategy game and after six years of intensive development and sleepless nights, this one-man project is finally up and running :) Undecima has been launched on the 1st of June and it's running in the Open Beta mode at the moment. I'm looking for more people to join and try it and trying to do my best in spreading the world about Undecima around the world. 

A bit about the game: 

The world of Undecima was shattered due to a terrible cataclysm into eleven planes thrown apart into a void and faintly connected by the same arcane magic that tore it apart. Now it lies in ruins and ruled by a cruel and merciless wizard, who has in his possession the Crown of Ultimate Power – the great artifact that can give supremacy to anyone who holds it. Now it can be up to you to claim the Crown of Ultimate Power and use it again for Good. Whether it’s the steel of Might, the power of Magic, the spirit of Nature, or the light of Faith, you shall face your enemies with courage and honour and prove yourself as a True Ruler of the World of Undecima 

You start with a small neutral village, develop it, select and research a town class for your town, train your troops, advanced through the levels, conquer a super-artifact, hold it for three days and claim yourself as a winner... The main concept that sets this game apart from other similar games is the fairness of the gameplay; you can read more about the game in this thread:…. 

Some other interesting features of the game are: 

- Simple but efficient combat mode (e.g. you can scout, attack, defend, counter-attack, intercept, and dodge enemies and reinforce your allies). 

- Lack of tedious macro-management. You have plenty of upgrades and researches to do, but can control only one town. 

- All units from very basic to elite have a set of abilities and skills that makes them unique in the game and useful in different situations. 

- Four Town Classes to select (Might, Magic, Nature, and Faith) with unique buildings, upgrades, researches, units, and commanders. 

- Ability to play either PvP or PvE or mix it at the same time. Theoretically, you can finish the game without attacking another player (not sure if it's going to be fun though). 

- Plenty of rewards, such as weekly ranking, overall ranks, medals, personal achievements and more. 

- The game is addictive, but doesn't take up all of your time (not sure whether it's a good point or bad though).

The game is written in C# (ASP.NET) with the use of JavaScript.

You can watch Undecima Trailer here:…

 Or you can try some other videos on the Undecima Video Channel:…

You can see some screenshots here:…

Facebook page:…

And don't forget: Undecima Wants You!